Mental Health Awareness Week

We all walk through Frame’s doors for different reasons, but whether you’re tightening and toning in TRX Train or digging deep in Yin Yoga there’s one thing we share: we want to feel great. For many of us, it goes even beyond kicking the a** out of our day-to-day stressors; exercise and moving our bodies is a crucial part of managing our mental health.
To kick off Mental Health Awareness Week, we giving you low down on our five top tips for optimal mental health and wellbeing.

Daily digital detox

Move over Elon Musk because Instagram have invented time travel! Our intention is often to have a quick scroll through Insta and we end up emerging two hours later having achieved little, apart from obsessing over each Kardashian and watching at least three cat videos. It’s clear to see that social media can be a drain on our time and energy. Not only this, but it can make us feel as though we are missing out on stuff, not achieving enough or not where we want to be in our lives…

Chloe Brotheridge from Calmer You, gave us some tips to start your digital detox, first with instagram; if it’s dragging down your self-esteem it could be time to reduce the amount of time you spend on it, ‘unfollow’ those that make you feel bad about yourself and streamline your feed with only things than enhance your life and boost your mood (inspiring posts or funny cat videos anyone?!).

Also try switching off notifications on your phone so that you have to go into Twitter, Instagram or your email in order to catch up on the action. When our phones are constantly buzzing and updating us it can be just another demand on our time and energy.


Take a little me time:

Self care is a biggie these days in health and wellbeing circles. We’re often reminded that going for a yoga class, a walk at lunchtime or that massage are good for us, but how often do they get pushed aside in favour of more pressing responsibilities?

Rest is as important as activity in helping us to live happy, productive and successful lives. If your battery is running on empty, you’re not as effective, life feels harder PLUS everyone around you will suffer too if you’re in a grump!

Schedule in time for yourself and treat is with the same importance as a meeting with your boss (Chloe Brotheridge from Calmer You)

HIIT & Chill:

It turns out your gym sessions are doing more than just lowering your stress levels – they can actually mimic the effects of antidepressants. A new study shows that exercising could purge blood that accumulates during stress and disrupts neural plasticity, thus protecting the brain from stress-induced changes associated with depression.
While research in this field is relatively new, other aspects of exercise, like its endorphin-boosting power, paint a clearer picture of how hopping onto your bike could have lasting effects on your mood and overall health. But don’t forget its all about balance, sweat it out in a class but make sure to CHILL after, take time out to relax.
Feel like you couldn’t find five minutes to relax? Well we’ve done the hard work for you join us for a HIIT & Chill class, the first part of the class will start with a HIIT combination working your speed and strength. As your HIIT winds down you will be led through fascia release techniques to alleviate muscle tension before a blissful sound bath with meditation. *Ommmmmmmmm

Grab a friend and hit up Frame:

Researchers have recently found that exercising in group classes for 30 minutes a week lowered stress levels by 26% and participation in regular group fitness classes led to a statistically significant decrease in perceived stress and an increase in physical, mental and emotional quality of life, compared with exercising alone (Women’s Health, May 2018). So grab a friend and get down to Frame and sweat it out during Rebounding or dance it out at Dance Cardio.

Get your hands on some Magnesium:

Magnesium doesn’t get as much airtime as minerals like calcium or iron do, but you might be surprised to hear that over 300 bodily functions rely on magnesium, and it is the single most important mineral for sports nutrition.

It is vital for energy production enabling you to work harder and longer; it plays a fundamental role in muscle contraction helping to improve overall strength; it is required for muscles to relax and loosen, thus increasing flexibility; and it reduces inflammation, muscle cramps and soreness, speeding up your recovery.

What’s more, research has shown that magnesium deficiency is linked to numerous mental health issues.
Magnesium is often used as a calming and relaxing mineral which can regulate the nervous system as such aiding stress and anxiety relief.
Pick up some BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray or Magnesium Flakes from the Frame shop. You can spray it on your muscles or add it to a bath and incorporate this into your ‘me time’ for a relaxing evening well spent.

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