Meet Steffy White one of our regular teachers at our Shoreditch studio. Beginning her yoga journey in India where she completed 200hrs ashtanga vinyasa teacher training she’s since gone on to complete over 100hrs of advanced training.

My morning ritual I start with my gratitude list then boyfriend kiss, and after that Beyonce on repeat

If I wasn’t a yoga teacher I would be A professional surfer, living in the water and on the beach all day!

Fave type of yoga and why Fluid flow because we are mostly water and lets move that way!

Fave yoga pose and why Dangling pose, because it is so hard for me to be still in it for a lonnnnng time but oh so good!

Fave healthy meal and / or snack Avocado obvs!

Want to get involved with Steffy’s Yoga classes? Check out her timetable HERE

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A firm Frame favourite, Katarina Rayburn has been teaching yoga with us for a couple years. Beginning her training in the Andaman Islands in India and exploring the lighter practice of Sivananda yoga, Katarina fell in love with yoga. Within a year she returned to India to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket. As if she couldn’t get any better, she then went on to complete her 100hr advanced Rocket teacher training in Thailand.

My morning ritual Hot water and cider vinegar, vegan protein porridge or smoothie (weather and time dependent) followed by an almond milk cappuccino

If I wasn’t a yoga teacher I’d be A detective

You wouldn’t know that I have a degree in Physics

Fave type of yoga and why Dynamic vinyasa, gets me moving and breathing, allowing me to shut off from everything else, it becomes a moving meditation!

Fave pose and why Handstand, it feels euphoric

Fav healthy meal Tempeh bolognese with courgetti!

Join in on one of Katarina’s classes and get an amazing STRETCH

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Andy Kobelinsky has led us through our morning stretches and encouraged us to find our funk in disco yoga. But before you knew her at Frame, she was in Argentina’s gymnastics team. Finding her way over to London 15 years ago she’s been practising yoga ever since. If you enjoy a challenge – you will get a sweat on. But with a super cool playlist designed for each class, you’ll find time for yourself in this moving meditation.

My morning ritual I’m so hungry when I wake up first thing I do is have a banana. Then I turn the coffee machine on and rush to the shower so by the time I’m clean I have fresh coffee. I love toast with peanut butter for breakfast

Fave type of yoga and why Vinyasa flow and Forest yoga. Vinyasa because you can be as creative as you like and you never know what’s coming next. Forest because it’s intense and deep , and you can practice all those crazy inversions

Fave yoga pose and why Handstand. It’s a winner. It makes me so happy to be upside down,balancing all the weight in the hands… And also you see the world from another perspective. Sometime we all need a bit of that!!

Fave healthy meal and/or snack Sushi. Sushi. Sushi !!! (and sometimes naughty French fries) a hardworking gal deserves a treat

Once you’ve done one class with Andy you’ll want to do them all. Find out where and when to next see her HERE

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Suzie Smith is a self confessed yoga addict. Quitting her office job and moving to Costa Rica to train in Hatha Vinyasa her yoga journey began. Immediately after her training she travelled south through Latin America, teaching dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes in her fun and light-hearted style at studios and guesthouses while exploring her passions for fitness and superfoods in every possible way: from brewing Kombucha at an Eco Farm in Panama to a chia-seed-fuelled hike up Machu Picchu; finally arriving in Buenos Aires where she bravely combined her love of yoga and plant-based food by holding Yoga Brunch events at a studio in the beef steak capital of the world!

My morning ritual 6am cuddle/lick all over face with my puppy peanut, a few sun sals, then brekkie of chia overnight oats with my boyfriend listening to BBC radio 6

Fave type of yoga and why I like the freedom and flow of vinyasa, it’s different every time and can change with your mood, slow and steady or fast and fun to a booming soundtrack

Fave yoga pose and why My favourite changes everyday – but for now, reverse warrior: I’m not a dancer and I’m clumsy as hell off the mat, but this pose gives me a moment of feeling strong, balanced and kind of almost graceful

Fave healthy meal and/or snack Just one?!? Not possible. Apple slices with almond butter, overnight oats with all the superfoods and AVOCADO ON EVERYTHING

Suzie teaches in our Kings Cross and Queens Park studios, and you can find out when you can come to one of her classes HERE

But before you go, don’t miss her INSTAGRAM – it’s life in full colour!

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