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Nailing It: 8 Steps for Frame Nail Art by Shoreditch Nails

We’re residing in Old Street station until 7th February and we’ve pimped two of the tunnels with Frame Frame Frame. Haven’t seen us yet? Come on down, you really won’t miss us!

Shoreditch Nails are spending two hours each week in our pop-up giving you all a mini-mani and Frame-fiying your nails for free. They’ll be at Old Street again on Saturday 30th January, but if you can’t get down, don’t worry. They’ve done a step-by-step guide for us on how to get Frame nail art at home. Brushes at the ready!

65 Redchurch Street
E2 7DJ


(Nails done by Nail Technician Hayley Sams @hayley_sams)

STEP 1: File your nails down and start with a base coat. This ensures that the nail varnish stays on longer and doesn’t chip. It also makes sure that the polish you put on top goes on smooth and if you’re using a bright colour, it also helps to stop staining your nails.

STEP 2: On the nails that you want to create coloured strips, first paint them in white. This makes sure that the colour pops more.

TOP TIP: If you’ve got flakey bits, use a buffer to smooth over before you put the base coat on.

STEP 3: On your first coat, put a thin coat of polish on your nails, so it dries quickly. Don’t worry if it looks streaky on the first coat, as the second coat will cover that.

STEP 4: Use a striper brush to create the stripes – you can buy them with an empty bottle that you can fill with nail varnish remover. Keep the pressure even when painting a line from A to B. Straight lines will come with practice, so don’t worry so much!

TOP TIP: Clean the striper brush with a cotton pad and nail varnish remover between colours.

STEP 5: Now it’s time for the black lines. Paint four diagonal lines and then some vertical ones to join.

Don’t worry if your lines aren’t really straight, or if you make a mistake. With the black lines, you can get your striper brush and make the lines cleaner with the white.

STEP 6: Clear around the edges with a brush dipped in nail varnish remover.

TOP TIP: Try not to use a cotton bud as you’ll probably end up with bits of fluff sticking to your polish!

STEP 7: Use a topcoat that will glide over your nails. Shoreditch Nails use Seche Vite, which is great for nail art!

STEP 8: Once dry, finish off with almond or argan oil. This is good for your cuticles and will keep your nails strong!

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