In addition to our existing Pre & Post-Natal Classes see below for some new additions to the Frame timetable!

Mondays 1pm – Pre Natal Pilates with Mary
Fridays 10.30am – Mum’s Club with Gabby
Fridays 7.30pm – Frame Bumps with Diana
Sundays 9am – Pre-Natal Yoga (45mins) with Maisie

Thursdays 1.30pm – Pre-Natal Yoga (45mins) with Maisie
Sunday 12th June 1.15-3.15pm – Pre Natal Fitness Workshop with Joan & Caroline
Sun 10th July 2.15-4.15pm – Pre Natal Yoga Workshop with Maisie

Fridays 10am – Mum’s Club with Alice Trow
Look out on the timetable for our Mums Club coffee mornings – coming soon!