Move, Fuel, Rest: Libby Limon’s Top 4 Tips for finding the right balance this Jan

By Jayne Robinson

New Year resolutions. Love them or hate them. Jan is a good time to think about what we want from the year ahead. Our in-house nutritionist shares her top 4 tips for finding balance without burning out this 2016.

It’s not a surprise that getting fit and healthy is atop everyone’s priority list in Jan. Our in-house nutritionist Libby Limon is here to talk about finding balance, fuelling your body and taking breaks. Take it away Libby.

As a professional working in this area, I get great pleasure for people’s renewed focus on being healthy, leaving the overindulgence of the holiday season behind. However, I also get very frustrated because a lot of what I witness is misplaced enthusiasm creating unrealistic goals and unsustainable programmes. The combination of extreme cleanses and no pain no gain exercise, leads undernourishment and over-exercising. By the time February comes around burnouts are everywhere, injury, coughs, colds, general fatigue and a loss of motivation. Here are my top tips to make your new year’s resolution come true and become a sustainable part of your life.

1. Build and mix up your exercise regime. If you ran a 10K a year ago or were fit in high school, but haven’t done much since then you have to remember whilst you have been chilling out, your body has been too. You can’t expect to go from zero to hero, it’s a recipe for failure. Build up the number, intensity and length of your workouts. It might feel slow to begin with, but in the long term your body will thank you. Equally, do the same medium intensity workouts week in week out will lead to plateau. Mix up high-intensity cardio workouts with slower paced resistance muscle tone building sessions to work your body from all angles on all levels to see the best results.

2. Match your nutrition needs to your new workout programme. More exercise means you need increased nutritional support. Both on a macro and micro level. From a macro perspective, you need more protein for muscle recovery, complex carbohydrates and medium chain fatty acids for energy production. On a Micro level, increased energy production means more oxidative stress, so you need to increase your anti-oxidants to counter that.

3. Workout smart not hard with adequate rest and recovery periods. The changes in your body occur mainly during the times in between work outs not during it. Exercise when done well increases your metabolic rate for hours after your workout.

That’s why a 20min HIIT session can be more effective than 60min jog. To build muscle tone after a resistance session the body needs time to recover.

4. If you are in a depleted state from a nutritional perspective due to winter months and nutrient hollow diet over the holiday period, then some good quality supplements are a good way to support yourself and your health. Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids, Antioxidants, Zinc and Vitamin C. Consider VITL’s easy 1 strip a day total support pack, pick up your pack in Frame studios and online.

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