One Simple Way to Work Toward Self Acceptance

By Jayne Robinson

Ahead of her Self Love Hypnotherapy workshop (Frame Shoreditch, 25th March), Chloe Brotheridge – hypnotherapist, anxiety expert and author of The Anxiety Solution shares her thoughts on taking the first steps toward self acceptance and why many of us find it so difficult.

We all know experiencing feelings of shame and ‘not being good enough’ can have a huge impact on our lives. It can create worries and anxieties and hold us back from pursuing opportunities, relationships and happiness.

For women especially, many of our worries and shame are around trying to meet unrealistic expectations – some external and some we set for ourselves. But body shame is the most common source of ‘not feeling good enough’ for women, says shame and vulnerability researcher Brené Brown.

How can we intercept these feelings before they spiral? The first step in self acceptance is seeing ourselves as worthwhile and valuable despite our imperfections. If you look back at a past failure or mistake that you made, instead of thinking to yourself, ‘What an idiot!’, remember that you did your best. If you had of known better, you would have done better. Recognising that other people are doing their best can also help us to be more accepting of them, too.

This post is an excerpt from Chloe’s blog. Read the full version here, and book into her workshop for a hands-on learning experience in self acceptance.

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