If you live and work in London then you know the feeling of the busy city life (and possibly reduced hours of sleeping), but meditation isn’t just about quieting the mind and slowing everything down and Jody Shield tells us all about her Energising Meditation event on Saturday 23rd January at Frame Shoreditch!

We’re super excited about next Sat’s event at Shoreditch. What’s interesting to us is that it’s an ‘energising’ meditation to raise our vibes. What does this mean though?

Meditation isn’t just for quietening the mind and slowing everything down. It’s also about creating more space inside AND reconnecting us with that inner voice we all have. (And that ‘inner’ voice isn’t the one telling you to finish off that bottle of wine or that whole bar of Green and Blacks!). Your inner voice is really excited about life and is driving us on at every turn. Except we’ve disconnected from this voice, and we don’t hear it easily. It’s mainly because often it tells us to do ‘big’ things that scare us and push us out of our comfort zone. Yet if we don’t move out of our comfort zone, we stay stuck where we are. When you connect to this inner voice you raise your vibes!

When you say raise your vibes what does that mean? We know what having good vibes is, but what about raising those vibes?!

We’re full of energy (most of the time…we notice it more in the morning) in fact, we are energy – and that’s science and physics! So because we’re energy, we vibrate at a certain level (just like all energy molecules do) and when we vibrate at a higher level we feel much better, energised and actually ‘high’! So we want to raise our vibes, so we can feel that supernatural high!

Cool! So obviously that sounds great! But how do we raise our vibes? And why do we need to?

By coming to a session like this! I’m trained to help you raise your energy levels with technique I weave into my meditation sessions. Also a part of my meditation practice is releasing old ‘baggage’ (stress, emotion, tension etc) from your body. We hold loads of this old ‘baggage’ physically in our bodies and it creates stones or blockages in our system. We want to release these ‘stones’ so we have more space in the body for our energy to flow naturally and help us recharge. It’s great to raise your vibes because when you do, you attract in more of the good stuff into your life!

What will happen during the session?

The session will be a guided meditation, so you’ll sit on cushions with your eyes closed and be guided by me to go inside, reconnect to yourself and release whatever you no longer need. We also work on recharging your energy levels and pumping you full of new energy
and new vibrations so you leave feeling lighter, high and super-charged!


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