6 Ways to Recharge Your Energy with Jody Shield

By Jayne Robinson

Need some tips on how to recharge your energy? Jody Shield gives us her 6 top tips.

Need some tips on how to recharge your energy? Jody Shield gives us her 6 top tips. Take it away Jody!

1. Fingertip meditation
An easy practice to do that instantly recharges your energy system is this fingertip meditation. Practice pressing each of your fingertips against your thumb, one after the other starting with the index (first) finger, followed by the middle finger, the ring finger and lastly the little finger. By pressing each of the fingertips against the thumb activates the energy meridian point that sends signals to the energy system and energises it. You can add words to it as follows and repeat over and over for about 3-5 mins and you’ll feel an instant uplift!

Index – ENERGY
Middle – BEGINS
Ring – WITH
Little – ME

2. Take 5 to be grateful
Kick-start your endorphins instantly by recognising what’s going well in your life, and being grateful for it. Whenever you feel stressed, drained or knackered after a long, tough day, being grateful for things in your life will boost your spirit and your energy. Just take a quick 5 out and think about what you’re grateful for. If you’re not sure where to start, start with the basics e.g. I’m grateful for my fridge full of food, I’m grateful for my cosy bed.

3. Have a juice
If I haven’t got time to make my own I’ll grab my favourite pick-me-up cold press from Botanic Lab (Kola) a clean kick from the aromatic Kola Nut with cool Shiso Leaf, Citrus and Ginger leaves me totally pumped and ready to go! It’s so friggin’ tasty and pumped full of amazing ingredients.

4. Drink water
Keeping hydrated is so key, we all know that, but again, it is one of those things we really take for granted or we think we’ve drank more water than we actually have. The clue is, check the colour of your pee. As gross as that may sound to you, it a good indication of how hydrated you are. It should be clear or nearly clear. So get yourself a nice bottle to drink out of and get sipping. I’ve got a gorgeous glass one from Lululemon which I carry around with me at all times. I’m also a big fan of Siberia Birch water check out their Instagram.

5. Shake it out
If I’m feeling a little lethargic in the day and especially if I’m working from home, on my break, I’ll whack the tunes up nice and loud and have a little dance to myself, getting my arms and legs moving, pumping blood around my body. I may look a little crazy in the process but it feels damn good. Now this one might not be ideal for the office set up so why not get up and go for a brisk walk round the nearest patch of green, pump your favourite tunes up loud and stomp it out. You’ll bounce back in the office feeling full of life.

6. Get a face spray
Here at JS towers, we love a good facial spritz, in fact, we’re pretty addicted, but at least it’s to the good stuff. Especially as it gets sunnier, currently loving Mio Yoga Spray as a little pick me up spritz!

Book into Jody’s Energising Meditation workshop on 29th March, 7-9pm in Kings Cross

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