It’s a weird time of year, isn’t it? Maybe you’re back at work, or still snuggled up on the sofa with the leftover mince pies (lucky you). Wherever you’re at, you’ve probably thought a bit about 2019. What kind of year do you want to have? What do you want to achieve? What kind of person do you want to become? Forget those half-hearted January resolutions for a minute: it’s time to kick off the new year preparations with some intention-setting.
Here’s a step-by-step guide to show you how:

1. Set the scene

Start by dedicating some time to the process. Check your diary, figure out when you have an hour or so, and stick to it. Find a quiet place where you can settle down with a cup of tea and a notebook. Clear the space; tidy up any clutter. Turn your phone off. Take your time, and bring your attention fully into the present moment.
Need a little more help? Come along to one of our Setting Your Intentions workshops.

2. Reflect on 2018

Fill a couple of pages of your notebook with your reflections on the past year. What went well? What didn’t? What did you learn? How will you do things differently next time? The aim is not to linger on the past, but to bring a sense of closure to the year. Your reflections can cover anything you like, but here’s a couple of ideas to get you started:
What have you accomplished this year?
What was your highlight of the year?
What was the biggest struggle of the year, and how did you handle it?
Which three words would you use to describe the year?
How did you grow and change this year (emotionally, spiritually, physically)?
What statement or sentence would perfectly sum up the year for you?

3. Open a new chapter

After you’ve completed your 2018 reflections, it’s time to kick things off for 2019.
Open a new page, and begin to set your 2019 intentions by working through the following list:

Firstly: what do you want to achieve in 2019?
Fill this section with your hopes, goals and ambitions. Make sure your list is big enough to reflect your dreams: get it all down (and include the detail!).

Secondly: what do you want to leave behind in 2018?
Write down (again, with all of the detail) the things, relationships or habits that you don’t want to carry into 2019. The more specific, the better.

Thirdly: what kind of person do you want to become in 2019?
Remember, you get to choose how to create your life. What kind of character do you want to develop? What kind of behaviours or traits do you admire in other people? By stepping back from the detail of your life, you can see things with a clearer perspective – and from there, you can begin to shape and form the life that you want to live.

4. Pick out some action steps

After setting some general intentions using the steps above, work through your notes and pick out some main action steps. These are the practical things you’ll begin to do in January to bring your intentions into reality. They can be as small or as big as you want, but make them achievable. And make sure you know exactly how you’ll do them – is there someone you need to reach out to, or a course you need to sign up to? Get your plan down on paper.

5. Set yourself up with reminders

Almost there: this step is all about making sure that you don’t forget your newly-set intentions as the year kicks off. Which kind of reminders work best for you? Think about setting up a monthly alarm on your phone, or scheduling an hour every month in your calendar to check in with your progress. It could be helpful to share your intentions with a close friend or family member: accountability might be the key to keeping you on track. In any event, it’s important to develop a regular pattern of reassessing and checking in with your goals. The trick is to make it a ritual that you love doing (and even look forward to) throughout your year.

6. Finally – but importantly! – get yourself down to a Frame workshop to seal in your intentions, close out 2018 and welcome open a brand new year.
Join Eloise at our Setting Your Intentions Workshop this New Years Eve!

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