Join Lily for our new four week Stretch Series in Frame Hammersmith. We’ll work on targeting a different muscle group each week to help improve your flexibility, perfect for anyone who does a lot of high-intensity training/ long distance running, or anyone working with an injury or for those who simply want to become more flexible.

In week two we’ll be concentrating on stretching your hip flexors and groin. We’ll start with a low impact warm up before moving through a series of different stretching techniques: dynamic and static. We’ll focus and work on your hip flexors and groin for the full hour. This class is ideal for office workers or anyone who has to sit for long periods of time. Sitting at a desk all day, in a passive hip flexion, can eventually weaken and shorten the hip flexors which can cause pain and tight hips. This class will help to release tension in the hip area and give you some tools to help avoid hip pain in later life.

Kneeling Side Bend Stretch

One of the stretches we’ll focus on is a kneeling side bend stretch. To do this you simply kneel on the floor and extend one leg out to the side keeping it perpendicular to your body and with your hips facing forward. Then extend your opposite arm overhead and gently bend your torso and over the extended leg. This stretch should be held for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes before being repeated on the opposite side. Note that if you have problems with your knees it’s a good idea to double your mat over or place a blanket underneath your knee for protection. This exercise stretches the sides of the torso, spine, hips, groin and inner thigh as well as opening up the shoulders and stimulating the abdominal organs and lungs.


Frog Pose

Frog pose is one of my favourite hip stretches! On all fours, with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees in line with your hips, slowly take the knees out gradually wider until you feel a comfortable stretch in your inner thighs. Be sure to also keep your ankles in line with your knees and your feet and calves grounded on the mat. To deepen the stretch lower the upper body down by dropping on to your forearms. This stretch should ideally be held for at least 2 or 3 minutes to feel it’s benefit. Frog pose allows for deep breathing and full expansion of the lungs, which helps to relieve headaches and stress. By focusing on the exhale breath in this pose you can start to lower your heart rate which can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Not only is this stretch beneficial for your hips and groins but it also helps to tone the diaphragm, intercostal and respiratory muscles as well as being great for the mind.

Want in? Join Lily every Monday in Frame Hammersmith, check out the full schedule here:

Monday 11th February Stretch Series: Targeting Hips
This week we’ll be concentrating on stretching your Hip Flexors and Groin

Monday 18th February Stretch Series: Targeting Shoulders and Back
This week we’ll be concentrating on stretching your shoulders and back.

Monday 25th February Stretch Series: Total Body
Join Lily for the final week of her four week Stretch Series, we’ll be concentrating on stretching out your whole Body.


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