Join Lily for week three of her four week Stretch Series at Frame Hammersmith. During this series Lily will guide you through exercises designed to help improve flexibility, she’ll be targeting a different muscle group each week and especially recommends the classes to anyone who does a lot of high-intensity training/ long distance running, anyone working with an injury or for those who simply want to become more flexible.

In week three the concentration will be on stretching your shoulders and back. The class will start with a low impact warm up before moving through a series of different stretching techniques. This class is ideal for anyone who feels stiffness or ache and pains in their shoulders and back. Shoulder stretching is considered vital to keep your upper body strong and maintain good posture. The spine is a very injury-prone area of the body but by stretching it on a regular basis you can achieve a suppleness which can help with avoiding injuries during exercise.

Child Pose

To get into this pose, begin on all fours and then slowly start to draw your hips down towards your toes while stretching your arms forward along the mat until you feel a gentle stretch in the back. Make sure your knees are wider than hip-width apart and that your big toes are touching. The benefits of Childs Pose are that it stretches your neck, back and shoulder muscles. It also helps to release tension in the hips, thighs, and ankles as well as reducing stress and fatigue. It gently relaxes the muscles on the front of the body while softly and passively stretching the muscles of the back torso, which helps improve the mobility of the spine.

child pose
back stretch

Spinal Seated Twist

For this pose begin by sitting tall and extending both legs in front of you. First, bend the right knee and cross it over the left thigh. Then take left elbow and place it on the outside of the right knee and place right hand on the floor behind you. Looking over your right shoulder, breathe deeply for 15 to 30 seconds before releasing. Repeat on the opposite side. In the pose try and remember to lift through your back and not just simply twist your spine. I personally suffer with back pain due to a facet joint disorder and I do this stretch regularly to relieve backache, sciatica and stretch my upper body. It also aids digestion and the processing of the liver, kidneys.

Want in? Join Lily every Monday in Frame Hammersmith, check out the full schedule here:

Monday 18th February Stretch Series: Targeting Shoulders and Back
This week we’ll be concentrating on stretching your shoulders and back.

Monday 25th February Stretch Series: Total Body
Join Lily for the final week of her four week Stretch Series, we’ll be concentrating on stretching out your whole Body.


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