Not All Supplements Are Created Equal: Which is Best for You?

By Jayne Robinson

Ingestible health and beauty has ballooned, and for good reason. Powders and pills exist to bolster immune systems, increase energy levels, improve sleep and clear skin.

By Phoebe McDowell

Ingestible health and beauty has ballooned, and for good reason. Powders and pills exist to bolster immune systems, increase energy levels, improve sleep and clear skin. A no brainer, right? But with so many on the market, navigating the supplement isle can be a daunting and dangerous task. The problem herein lies: not all supplements are created equal. It’s an approximate £650m industry. Who wouldn’t want a cut of the profits? Research shows that some brands are cramming unprecedented and irresponsible amounts of an ingredient into their products, in order to claim peak potency. Most recently, The Independent ran a story entitled ‘Health warning over ‘toxic’ levels of vitamin D sold in supplements’. What’s more, for sake of expense and mass production, there are also a lot of harmful formulas in the mix – ones that are not backed up by proper studies.

Think about it like this, you wouldn’t let a pilot without a licence fly your plane, so why take your chances with your body? Here at FRAME, quality and efficacy are our priority, which is why we want to introduce you to ethical health and beauty brand Viridian. Grounded in organic sensibilities, Viridian not only satisfies our bodies (free from nasties), but also our desire for integrity as it’s wholly committed to environmental sustainability.

Check out our cheat sheet and take your pick…


Recovery is key! With hectic schedules however, we could all use a helping hand.

Magnesium is an essential building block for many a process in our bodies. Muscle movement is one of them, with optimum function, dependent on it.

Our levels of Omega 3:6:9 are dictated by our diet (think good fats: avocadoes, nuts, salmon and tuna). Omega 3s are powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, which stave off harmful inflammatory.

Experts have long extolled the virtues of a good night’s sleep. Cherry Night Powder is a potent concoction of glycine, magnesium and cherry, that work in synergy to regenerate, repair and rebalance our bodies.

Vitamin Bs are indispensable when it comes to recovery and repair. Regulating hormones, reducing tiredness and fatigue and increasing psychological function, High 12 B-Complex, is a game changer.

B-12 is vital in producing an adequate amount of red blood cells. Usually absorbed through our diet (mostly through meat and dairy products), this a great one for vegetarians and vegans.

Joint Complex not only aids collagen production, but also enhances iron absorption and bolsters the immune system.


Pop the right kind of pill a day and keep the Dr away…

Think of Sports Multi as a supercharged version of your regular protein powder.

Crammed with Vitamin D, D3 helps with our absorption of phosphorous and calcium. Remember those compulsorily prep school milk cartons?

The patented form of vitamin C in Ester C allows more to be administered without being too harsh on the stomach.

Our digestive systems work tirelessly to break down our diets. Digestive Aid is crammed with enzymes, peppermint and ginger to catalyse the process.


Complexion-enhancing? Radiance-boosting? Hair-strengthening? Check! Check! Check! Jam-packed full of vitamins, minerals and plant-based phytonutrients, Beauty Complex promotes pillowy-plump skin, supple strands and healthy nails.

An antioxidant-rich liquid elixir, Beauty Oil can be popped in a Nutribullet, scored in a soup or supped from a spoon.


We can all attest to a spike in serotonin post Boxfit, but the post-lunch lull is never far away. Fluctuating energy levels are a biological fact, but we can help to stabilise (and boost!) them.

Besides the aforementioned B vits, a clever combo of ginseng, ashwagandha and liquorice root extract in Enhanced Rhodiola will keep you chipper, from Barre to brunch.


Been burning the candle at both ends? No judgement here, promise, just scoop one of these.

The insidious effects of sugar are no secret. Sugar Detox regulates our glucose levels, making for healthy and happy inners.

Organic Milk Thistle makes light work of protecting the liver from toxins, which luckily for us, includes a tipple (or two).

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