Being a one stop shop for all things health and fitness, we get asked a lot of health and fitness related questions at the Frame front desks. Now, that’s totally cool, we love to chat! But for all you Framers who don’t have time to hang about, yet still have some burning questions… like “Why did I just say ‘Namaste’ to my yoga teacher?” “What is active recovery?” and, “Why are you putting Bee Pollen in my smoothie?” We have compiled a list of commonly used words and terms that might need some clarification.

We have asked our knowledgeable friends of Frame – friends who know their baobabs from their buckwheats, their cardio from their conditioning and their enzymes from their endorphins – to give us straightforward concise explanations and you can find it all on our website in the all-new Frame-O-Pedia.

It doesn’t end there either. Frame-O-Pedia Friday will be a regular post on our blog soon. So if you are struggling to get your head around a specific health and fitness related expression and you’d like us to cut to the chase with a Frame-O-Pedia explanation, you can Tweet your tricky term with #FrameOPedia. We will add it to the list and do our best to enlighten you without confusing you.

We will also take the opportunity to delve more deeply into some of the existing Frame-O-Pedia terms. Keep an eye out for Frame-O-Pedia Friday posts to broaden your vocabulary and to be sure you know what you’re talking

With on-going thanks and love to our Frame friends and experts: Libby Limon, Cassius Powell, Steffy White, Gede Foster, Harriet Quick, Jody Shield, Amy Thake, Jodie Tye and Joanna Scott-Lutyens.

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