Founded in Sweden in 2004 by Anton Sandqvist, his brother Daniel and their friend Sebastian, Sandqvist’s inspiration comes from the Scandinavian nature around them. Whether you’re a city commuter or taking a trip into the wilderness, Sandqvist bags are functional, uncomplicated, stylish and is the perfect accessory. We talk to Anton about his inspiration, why YOU should get your hands on one and what the future holds for Sandqvist. (Get Sandqvist at our online shop here.)

Tell us about the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?
I think the biggest hurdle was to leave my safe payroll job and throw myself into the unknown as I already had a kid at that time and lots of bills to pay.

What’s your biggest learning curve?
Not to give up. When things crashes, just realise that that is a normal part of the job, roll up them sleeves and get the work done.

What’s your vision for the brand before it began?
Before it began I had no vision for the brand at all. I just wanted to have a fun job with lots of freedom.

Why should our Framers get their hands on a Sanqvist bag?

Because we make damn good and stylish bags that will last long!

What’s to come in the future?
Well, there are lots of things to come. In 2016 we will open our first own store outside Sweden, in London! We are refining our new site that launched in September. We are launching a repair and reuse system where customers can give in an old Sandqvist bag they don’t use anymore at one of our stores, get a discount on a new bag, and we will repair and sell the old one and donate the income of it to a charity project. And we will present some new and very interesting bags series!

What did you have for breakfast?
I love breakfast. I had coffee and apple juice, two sandwiches, one with cheese and vegetables and one with marmalade, and oatmeal porridge with fruit and nuts.
My favourite workout is…
None. Biking to work around the year. Hiking in the forest or ski-hikes on the mountain whenever I have the chance. Pool skating.
The song currently on my workout playlist is…
Something with Miles Davis
My favourite snack is…
Hard cheese

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