The Busy Londoners Guide Go Meditation…

By Jayne Robinson

With the launch of Frame Chill House, our dedicated meditation space in our new studio in Farringdon opening this week, we took five minutes out to chat with meditation teacher and mentor Holiday Phillips about her top tips and hacks for meditating on the go!

So we’ve all heard it (and said it!) I’m just too busy to meditate. Now I could tell you that the busier you are, the more you should meditate (which is true!) but sometimes creating more time just isn’t possible, I get that. So instead I’m going to let you in on my top 5 tips for bringing meditation into your existing life without having to wake up an hour earlier, quit your job or move to a desert island.


For most of us our phones are our biggest distractions from the present moment. So pick one
time during your day to ditch the phone.. whether that be your commute to work, eating lunch or a whole Sunday. I remember noticing one day that I’d taken my phone with me… to the loo! If that’s you, leave it at your desk.

2. USE THE TIME “in between”

We are so used to trying to fill every gap that it’s no wonder that we feel constantly busy. Next time you are waiting for the tube, don’t pick up the Evening Standard or reach for your phone. Just take 2 minutes to breathe.


Meditation can help change the relationship we have with ourselves by shifting negative thought patterns. Affirmations do the same. During your morning shower, pick one affirmation and repeat it 10 times. Pick a simple phrase that gives you what you need in that moment – my personal favourite “I am enough”.


If it’s the thought of sitting in silence with your thoughts makes your squirm – then forget
silence and find peace by listening to a song. Instead of listening to it as background while you busy yourself with all the stuff you “have to do”, take 3 minutes to just listen and let everything else wait.


Don’t hate me for this one! If you’re struggling with 5 minutes then start with 1 minute.
As soon as you wake up every morning, set the timer on your phone for 60 seconds and focus on your breath. Starting your day with even just 60 seconds of stillness can change the outcome of your entire day. Maybe one day, you’ll want to do 5 – but until
that day 1 is just perfect.

And if you do need a little helping hand then come and join us at Frame Chill House in our Farringdon studio we’ve got meditation pods kitted out with bespoke meditation content, cosy cocoon seating complete with eco-friendly blankets, cushions and eye-masks.


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