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The Gift (of Frame) Guide

By jayne

The Gift (of Frame) Guide

OK, so we're biased. BUT we think that giving the gift of Frame to your nearest and dearest is the best idea. It's the gift of more energy, better moods and the undeniable confidence that moving your body in a way that makes you FEEL great brings. Now, show us another gift card that keeps giving like Frame classes??

For the out of London Friend

Are you always banging on to your friends back home about how much you LOVE Frame? Get them to join in the action via Frame on-demand. Our best classes and instructors beamed straight into their homes. A budget friendly £10.99! BUY NOW

For the person who loves Online Fitness

You know that person who is still fully hooked on at home fitness classes? Give them unlimited access to Frame Online. Includes 300+ on-demand plus daily livestream classes. They will love the variety! All In Online for £35. BUY NOW

For the work Secret Santa

Score major brownie points in the office by ditching the bottle of wine for our 2 for £20 Frame Gift Card. The lucky recipient can book any 2 classes, including Reformer Pilates. Good gifts made simple! BUY NOW

For the Reformer Addict

We’ve all got one in our lives. The person who eats, breathes and sleeps Pilates. Well, make their year by buying them a 1 month Gold Membership Gift Card. Giving them unlimited access to Pilates and all other Frame classes. Price £180. Their face? Priceless. BUY NOW

For the one who likes variety!

Who’s the person in your life who’s always up for trying new classes, loves going to workshops to dive into topics like Moon Circles and breathwork. Give them the best start to 2023 with a 1 Month Frame Membership Gift Card. Price £120. Excludes Reformer Pilates. BUY NOW