Fitness, 10.05.2017

The Secret to Nailing Your Health This Summer (Hint: It Ain’t a Six Pack)

Leave the bikini body talk to the wayside – our summer goal is all about long term, balanced ways to stay healthy and fit, both physically and mentally. At Frame, we’re big believers in the power of cross-training – that is, pairing complementary workouts as a more effective way to get to a certain goal (run faster, tone up, chill out…).

And look: we’re no stranger to wanting to look rocking when the temps demand we get our bits out, but the key is finding a routine which is effective now but that you’ll want to continue long after sweater weather reappears, too. Read on for our ultimate summer rotation…

Includes high intensity intervals and toning sections for a full-on whole body workout that will leave your muscles burning and your heart racing. Great for increasing your metabolism 24-48 hours after the workout is over, too. #moreforyomoney

Strength and endurance training using heavy weights to sculpt your glutes and arms while constantly engaging your core. Plus, building lean muscle will help boost your metabolic rate keep on going.

A pure fat burning, heart pumping 45 minutes of intervals and stamina work to burn calories.

When you’re doing so much intense exercise, you want to counter balance with some posture and alignment work, and deep stretching. You’ll also feel a Reformer Pilates class deep in your core meaning you’ll be better able to recruit these muscles in all the other classes you are doing.

Look out on your studio’s Timetable for Fitness offerings in yellow (including Total Body, Lift and Frame Cardio) and Reformer Pilates (including Basic, Advanced and Dynamic options, too) in green. Ready to go? For the month of May, we’re running 10% OFF our Pilates Package and 10% OFF Fitness Kickstarter Package.

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