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The Story Behind MumHood

By Pip & Joan

Our story starts back in 2009 when we opened Frame and disrupted the fitness industry with a class-based concept based on the idea that moving your body in a fun and effective way will make you feel great!

For us, health and fitness is not about how big your thigh gap is, how rock hard your abs are, or how fast you can run, it’s about moving to change your mood and why it’s important to include movement in your daily lives so that you can get on with being kick-ass at whatever else you have to tackle that day; whether that’s being an awesome mum and/or getting through a day’s work on limited sleep.

When we were pregnant with our first children, it blew our minds how confusing the information on exercising during pregnancy was (we were both told we had to stop teaching classes IMMEDIATELY by our midwives), and conversely how fast we were expected to just ‘snap back’ into our pre baby selves without even a nod to the amount of rehab our bodies need after growing our babies and delivering them. And we work in the fitness industry and were fully qualified in pre and post natal exercise…

Since then, we have made it our mission to create safe, simple and effective workouts, both within the studios and for you to do at home, that are specific to each stage of your MumHood journey. As you enter this new stage of your life, keeping fit and healthy is more important than ever. Trust us, growing a baby, pushing it out and then running around after the little monkey on limited sleep makes a marathon seem easy!

MumHood is AMAZING, but it’s also tough on both our bodies and minds. Through our personal journeys and also those of thousands of MumHooders who come to our classes or complete our online programmes, we know that keeping active ALWAYS has a positive impact.

Ready to Move?

LOVE, Pip + Joan