It’s freezing outside, the streets are grey and Christmas feels like a distant memory. So no wonder today January 21st has earned the title Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. But don’t despair Framers, we got you! Check out our wellness recommendations below to make sure you stay on your ‘A’ game this January.

1. Schedule in some fun

With Christmas and New Year safely behind us, the rest of winter probably looks like a gaping black hole, with nothing but endless meetings and rainy weekends to fill up the time.
But don’t give in Framer: grab your diary, find an available space and block it out to do something fun. Check out what’s going on in London, head to a new brunch spot or gallery, or get your pals together and try out a new class or just relax to the max and curl up with a good film.

2. Meet that hydration goal

We all know we should drink more water in winter, but good news soup, fruit and hot chocolate also count towards your hydration goals! Aim for those 6-8 glasses per day, plus extra if you’re working out.

3. Craft your morning ritual

Winter mornings are not easy – it’s dark, it’s cold, and you’re probably running late already. Make the transition into your working day a little easier by setting yourself up with a morning ritual: figure out just a couple of steps that make your mornings a little more graceful. It might mean getting up a few minutes earlier and stretching out on a yoga mat, or lighting candles as you make a cup of tea.
No time to set up your own morning rituals? Just book yourself into an early Frame class and let someone else guide you into the day, don’t forget all classes pre 7.30am are just a tenner – guaranteed endorphin fix to set you up for the day!

4. Hibernate at sunset

This time of year is made for slow, settled evenings, so give yourself a break and begin to slow down as darkness hits. Get yourself booked in for a yin or meditation session, learn the basics and build up your own wind-down routine for the long January evenings.

5. Escape from your emails

Okay, easier said than done, we know. One of the best ways to get out of your phone and back into your life is to find something better to distract yourself with. We’d recommend a good book and a long bath to fully embrace some much needed ‘me-time’.

6. Watch your moods

Find a way to check in with yourself regularly, and stick to it. Journalling is great, as is meditation – but catching up with close friends also counts. Basically, any method of checking in honestly with your moods as the month unravels, and then finding a way to structure your days to give yourself what you need. Need some inspo? Head to the timetable and check out our Mood Filter and book yourself into a class to suit where you’re at.

7. Go easy on yourself

With a lot going on in January, make sure you take a second to step back and give yourself some appreciation. It’s not about perfection (it doesn’t exist, after all) it’s about fully experiencing your life – the ups, the downs and everything in-between. And you’re doing a great job. Happy January Framers!

Eloise Skinner

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