Fitness, 28.12.2016

Top 10 Health & Fitness Blogs of 2016

Like many of you we’re not so sad to see the back of 2016… But of the good things to come out of the last year we count flexing our mental muscles on the Frame Blog as one of them. In the last year, we’ve been gathering facts and advice from our instructors, plus peeks into the latest goings on at Frame and much more…

Miss anything or join us a bit late in the year? No worries… Here are the top 10 posts of 2016 to get you up to speed.

1. 10 Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
Want to build muscle and burn fat? Think in large muscle groups. Here are 10 different exercises you can do that will make you really feel the burn. READ

2. 5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights
Our Frame PT Danny Brown give us 5 reasons why YOU should start lifting those weights and 5 exercises to kick-start you pumping iron. READ

3. 15 Minute Ab Workout
Our own Mary Paternoster, head of Pilates and teacher trainer and co-author of Core Strength Training, teamed up with Red Magazine to devise this simple yet powerful 15-minute ab-flattening workout. READ

4. 5 Top Tips to Bust Through Stress
Let’s face it life is crazy busy these days with no sign of slowing down! Here are some tips from Jody Shield to help you bust though your stress and keep you on an even keel… READ

5. Working Week Meals to Live By
Check out these easy-peasy, super healthy suppers from some of our favourite food bloggers who really do seem have it all… health, happiness and a career that is. READ

6. Frame-O-Pedia Friday: Magnesium
This one is for our Box-Fitters, our Frame Lifters, HIIT PTers and all-around fitness fanatics – read on for how this single element can improve muscle recovery and reduce soreness. READ

7. 8 Ways to Ditch the Diet & Raise Your Metabolism
If you have already penciled in January to get fit and lean, then ditch the diets and raise you metabolic rate. Libby Limon our in-house nutritionist and yoga teacher tells you how. READ

8. Should You Exercise With Sore Muscles?
If you’re sweating it out on the regular, our guess is you probably already know a thing or two about muscle soreness. But before you jump on the #DOMSfordays train, take a minute before your next sesh to consider whether the soreness is just that… We chatted with three Frame PTs about when to push through and when to take a chill pill. READ

9. 5 Reasons to Go to Beyond Sahara with Frame
News flash, Framers: come March, we’re swapping Shoreditch for the Sahara to spread the Frame vibe abroad at adventure festival Beyond Sahara. Join us? ” target=”_blank”>READ

10. 4 Benefits of Barre You Might Not Realise
It’s the low-impact, fat-fighting, full-body toning workout that’s oh-so-now… But Barre’s roots are firmly rooted in the centuries-old practice of ballet and 100% guaranteed to give you results. Piqued your interest? READ

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