Top 5 Reasons Why Buggy Running Is Awesome

1. Multitasking: Whether it’s because you have no time, you are keen on making life super-efficient or maybe it’s hard to force yourself to exercise, doing a buggy run as a nursery drop off, trip to the post office or your means of vehicle to a playgroup is a brilliant way to help you fit it all in. Pack light, accept its okay to be in lycra in non-active situations and don’t worry about how fast you are going. Trust me, you will be the envy of everyone who see’s you.

2. Mental wellbeing: When you have a baby it can be easy to stay indoors where you have everything you need but this can be lonely and for many parents can lead to feeling down. When you exercise, your brain chemistry changes through the release of endorphins (sometimes called ‘feel good’ hormones), which can calm anxiety and lift your mood. Having the right buggy can mean you can step out your door and get exercising straight away, on your family’s’ schedule. Suddenly you have freedom to exercise on your terms again.

3. Body confidence: Buggy running could help you lose weight but it will also help you tone up. It uses your core and arms as well as your legs which make it even better than normal running! Running around after children is exhausting and it certainly helps if you rebuild your fitness and strength through recommended exercises like the MUMHOOD programmes and then at around 6 months gently build up to running continuously with a run walk program.

4. Good for Babies: In the days of Vitamin D drops, it is advised we get our babies out into natural daylight as much as possible. A study from Liverpool’s John Moores University has found that babies sleep longer when exposed to plenty of light in the afternoon, a time when many mothers used to put babies in the garden in their prams or take them to a park. In many Scandinavian countries babies still sleep outside in the day to benefit from the fresh air too. Just wrap them up in the winter or apply sun cream with suitable shad for adequate protection in the summer months.

5. Roll MODEL! There are some worrying statistics in the media about childhood obesity epidemics in the UK and what we know is true is that our children learn from us. If they see us regularly exercising then they are more likely to factor that into their normal lives as they grow up. They can’t be what they don’t see… so let’s show them healthy and make it fun with running trips to the park, taking part in events like parkrun and nature trails!

Sounds great, when can I start? Most buggy manufacturers recommend 6 months is the earliest age a baby can be run with in a buggy, some say 9 months. It’s also a sensible timeline for mums, ensuring that core and pelvic floor is restored ahead of starting a high impact activity like running.
Knowing which buggies are suitable for running with can be pretty challenging, with many models called SPORT and JOGGER but are suitable for neither! At the MUMHOOD event we will explain what features to look out for on a buggy to make it suitable for running with, what are the best brands, the ideal posture and the top stretches to use from Ros Cooke, running mum, Sport Physiotherapist and Buggy Squad Co-Founder.


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