Want a heart racing, sweat dripping total body workout? Two word: Frame Cardio.

Sweat junkies, this 30, 45 or 60-minute class uses treadmills, bikes and plyometric exercises that will ensure you get a full body workout. You’ll get your heart racing and the sweat dripping!

The class includes a 5-minute fitness test to see how far you can run in 5 minutes, along with a ‘vascular shunt’ on both the bike and the treadmill, where your body will work in overdrive to pump oxygen around your body in both directions.

Great for shedding fat and improving fitness levels, so whether your aim is to lose a few pounds, feel a huge post-workout high, or improve your triathlon/half marathon time, this is the class for you.

Book into a Frame Cardio class at any of our studios via our timetable.

*30-minute class does not use treadmills