Archetypes are ways of thinking about being human; they are templates that help us to understand our relationship to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

The goddess archetypes represent different aspects of feminine energy, except this is feminine power ramped up – rich, glorious, complex, expansive, multi-faceted energies that work together in harmony to heal wounds, find abundance and support us in our daily lives so that we can be strutting our stuff like badass Goddesses held up by their wisdom and power… Damn straight!

Their journeys are our journeys. Their characteristics represent aspects of ourselves. They are metaphors for our internal worlds – the inner forces that impact our ways of living. Our own Goddess will be the unique way that these forces combine within us. Finding that sweet spot of balance between them all is the key. Why only tap into one power source when you can connect to six…?!

Meet the Goddesses:

Athena: (warrior, civilization, intellect, independence, fatherworld, career)
Athena is a warrior goddess of wisdom and civilization. Athena is intellectual, competitive, independent, courageous and inspired. She enjoys the city and culture. She loves people and ideas and she drives civilization forward, including actively promoting social justice.

Artemis: (nature, wilds, athletic, adventurous, environment, animals, solitude)
Artemis is a wild woman and with her bow and arrow she is both a protector and a hunter. Artemis is at one with the rhythms and cycles of nature, with animals, and with her own body. She thrives on physical activity. She is autonomous and aggressive in protecting her own freedom and wild nature.

Aphrodite: (love, sexuality, beauty, romance, arts)
Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality, which she recognises as a sacred gift and enthusiastically expresses. She is driven by gratification of the senses – art, pleasure, feelings – and sees life as an adventure. She wants to be connected and relates to others from the heart – with friends, family, lovers, and even colleagues.

Hera: (marriage, partnerships, power, leadership)
Hera is noticeable because of her command of herself and others; she has queenly poise and influence. She is a force to be reckoned with. She sets standards and expects others to adhere to them. She is concerned with social order and seeks power and position through the partnerships she makes, particularly marriage.

Persephone: (underworld, death, mystical, spirit)
Persephone is the goddess of the dead and the underworld, the realm of the mystical and of the departed. She knows her way through darkness and the aspects of life that many people fear, such as loss. She has a deep awareness of things that are not consciously understood but may seem disconnected from the world. She possesses a mysterious charm and intensity.

Demeter: (earth mother, nurture, reproduction)
Demeter is the goddess of motherhood and is connected to the reproductive cycles of both women and nature. She takes on a mothering role in relation to all who surround her. She nurtures new life, possibility and growth. Demeter has boundless energy for looking after those who need her, however, she may lose herself in the process.

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