Fitness, Mind, 23.08.2017

Why Getting a Massage Should Be Part of Your Workout Regime

You might be balancing your running with your Reformer Pilates or taking it down a notch from Cardio Kettlebells with a zen Yin Yoga… You might even be religious about your rest days. But we’re willing to bet you haven’t considered massages as a crucial part of the mix. So we enlisted the team at Urban Massage to give us the digs on what might be the latest (and, hello, greatest) addition to the fitness regimes of the pros in the know (case in point: Nike Trainer and leader of Track Mafia Cory Wharton Malcolm regularly posts about his on his Instagram stories) to boost workout results and help with muscle recovery and self care.

When should you get a massage?
URBAN MASSAGE: We believe it’s best to book a treatment after a hard session as the massage will increase your blood flow and loosen up your tissues.

What kind should you go for? 

UM: This depends on how hard you push it during a gym sesh. If things are feeling really tight it’s best to go for a powerful sports or deep tissue massage, but if you’re stretching out your muscles regularly with yoga you might want something more relaxing like a classic/Swedish instead.

How will it help me recover from my workout?
UM: Exercise can make waste products such as lactic acid (build up in your muscles can be pretty damn painful). You want to be increasing the amount of oxygen and blood flow your body gets to flush these out. Massage is one of the easiest way to do this.

During some strength and cardio workouts, you will experience micro-tears in your muscles. This is totally normal and an essential part of building stronger muscles, but massage can help reduce swelling during this process meaning a decreased chance of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) so you can get back to the studio ASAP.

Do you need massages if you’re into something more zen, like yoga?
Massage literally stretches your muscles out, helping to improve your musculoskeletal system and your posture. This means over time you can actually become more flexible from treatments, meaning massage can help you be safer in those yoga postures which take you close to your ‘edge’.

Besides being relaxing, are there any other mental benefits of massage?
A relaxed body means a relaxed mind and a post workout massage, especially one in the evening, can often knock you straight out. Deep sleep is an essential part of recovery and you’re body will thank you if you head to the studio the next day full of energy.

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