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By Cesca

Things you should know about scalp health according to a trichologist

Move over double cleansing - ‘scalp health’ is the beauty buzzword of 2021 and we caught up with trichologist Stephanie Sey to find out why we should all be giving our scalp some serious TLC.  We double cleanse, mask, moisturise and exfoliate our face without a second thought. So why do we pretty much ignore the skin on our head and stop our skin-pampering at the hairline? If we facial, surely we should scalp-ial? We asked the questions you need to know.

How many times should we be washing our hair each week?

I know this is an annoying answer but, it depends. It depends on your lifestyle and hair type. If you’re sweating every day it’s likely you’ll need to wash every day. If that’s not the case generally three times a week is enough. If you’ve got straight hair -three times a week if you’ve got tight curly hair or afro hair once a week is enough.

OK so sounds like we can’t get away with a sweat sesh followed by a cheeky blast of the dryer at the roots?? 

It’s not ideal. If you think about the salt that sweat produces leaving that to build up on the scalp can cause irritation and flakiness. If you’re in a real rush you can splash your hair with water for a quick rinse (in the same way you might for your face) and then blast dry. Just remember to wash properly later that day!

Another Framer time-saving hack – dry shampoo… hit us with the knowledge bomb.

Dry shampoo can be great for a quick fix. In the same way as you might want to use some cover-up or powder on your face to mask a blemish. You would wash your face that night instead of reapplying it on top of a day old layer of make-up. You can use it once to get an extra day before washing properly when you’re busy. But please avoid doing this multiple times as this is where build-up and irritation becomes an issue.

Is there a special scalp technique we need to know about?

Not really. The most important thing is to take your time when washing your hair. Instead of a ‘scrub and go’ mentality think of how lovely it feels when the hairdresser spends time massaging the product into your hair – do this for yourself. Be gentle with your scalp instead of crazied scrubbing. If your conditioner says to leave in for five minutes – do it. That’s when you will reap the benefits.

Should we exfoliate our scalp? 

Yes. It’s really beneficial to use a liquid chemical exfoliator (like salicylic acid) once a month to remove excess skin cells, oils and dandruff. This can really help with shinier, healthier hair from roots to tips. 

Can we stimulate hair growth with good scalp hygiene? 

It’s not as straight forward as that however good overall health – eating a diet rich in nutrients, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and managing stress will really help to grow healthy hair. It’s a holistic approach so lifestyle and good scalp health habits are a winning combination.

Things to avoid?

It might sound counterintuitive but leaving treatments, masks or oils on your scalp for longer than recommended can clog pores and irritate the scalp.

OK, what products do we need?

Women tend to think that products that care for the scalp can only tackle scalp-specific issues, and therefore leave their hair looking and feeling dry and dull. Instead, they compromise and prioritise hair beauty, whether that’s issues with frizz, colour or flatness, over their scalp health. 

The AVEENO® haircare range means that women no longer have to compromise and make that choice between having beautiful, healthy hair and a cared for scalp, as AVEENO® is clinically proven to soothe itchy scalp, while leaving hair looking and feeling soft, shiny and beautifully healthy.

This blog is in partnership with AVEENO® haircare and trichologist Stephanie Sey. If you’re concerned about scalp issues like hair loss you can find out more information and seek help from Stephaine here. If you’re looking to try some new hair care products check out the brand new AVEENO® haircare range here – it’s suitable for all hair types and a really accessible price point.