Fitness, Mind, 23.10.2017

Why You Should Move Your Frame During Your Lunch Break

FACT: Exercise is good for you – physically and mentally.

ANOTHER FACT: Taking breaks at work has been scientifically proven to improve your concentration and productivity.

We know these things to be true – so why aren’t we putting them into practice? When you’re back-to-back at work, it’s easy to think that working through your lunch break will give you that extra hour you need to get sh*t done.

But various studies on what’s called the ‘ultradian rhythm’ – the repetitive wake/sleep cycle in humans – has shown we operate at our peak if we cycle between 90 minute chunks of ‘on’ time followed by shorter breaks. To put this into context, the average working morning is about two cycles long, so by the time you hit lunch hour your brain is likely to be in a lull. The answer? Exercise your body instead.

Read on for five reasons hitting the studio midday will change your daily routine for the better…

Last minute drinks with the gals? Overdue dinner with the ‘rents? Fit it all in without stressing about one too many vinos – remember, lunch workouts mean your mornings are free, too, so hitting snooze an extra time (or two) isn’t going to interrupt your exercise time, either.

Bringing it back to that ‘ultradian rhythm’… When you sit back down at your desk post a fitness quickie or zen mat time, you’ll be doing it with a clear head, ready to tackle your P.M. to dos with renewed gusto. What’s more, your creative juices will have a chance to refresh, meaning your lunchtime flow could actually fuel your next big idea.

Tired of jockeying for the first round of showers during the morning and evening rush? Change tact by moving your Frame at lunch to miss the height of the crowds. And remember to say a little silent prayer for those poor souls still chained to their desks while you’re squatting it out in Quickie Ass & Abs…

When you exercise, your body increases the production of the feel-good chemicals endorphins and serotonin. So whether you had a less than stellar morning commute or Sally in Accounts is on your case about that lost expenses receipt, you’re in for one heck of a positive afternoon stint if you work it out at lunch.

Scheduling in a lunch time workout creates a deadline of sorts which you have to work around. Use it as a marker for your daily workflow. Our best advice? Set yourself the goal to ‘eat the frog’ – that is, take care of the tasks you least want to do – before your workout, knowing you’re heading toward a well-earned stress relieving sesh.

Check out the Timetable between 12-2pm for a range of classes – from fitness to Reformer Pilates – each less than an hour long, and be sure to pre-order food or a smoothie from the cafe, too. That’s what we call a full service lunch, with an endorphin-fuelled smile to boot…

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