Workout With Frame at Home

By Jayne Robinson

Don’t let the Christmas holidays waylay your goals this year. Whether you’re a Barre Beaut or a Fittie McFitster, our instructors have put together two 30-minute workouts you can do anywhere…

Simply grab a pair of Gliders (dish towels or paper plates will do)

Ianthe leads a fast-paced cardio warm up and fast-paced core sequence before Jono jumps in with high knees and HIIT to blast away that Christmas dinner. Then, go a few rounds with Diana’s boxing routine to keep you from taking it out on unruly family members… Followed up by Gede-style HIIT with gliders to really get that burn going and a finisher on the floor from Chris.


The gang is back again to take you through a low-impact, fat-burning Barre workout similar to what you know and love from our Frame classes, with one twist… Hello, gliders! From January, we’re launching Cardio Barre (look out for it on the timetable) which ups the ante. Give it a go at home and let us know your thoughts, you early adopter you…


If the promise of smugly walking into work the first day back from Christmas with tighter bums and tums isn’t enough, we’re giving the person with the best ‘gramming skills a goody bag of treats from the Frame shop!

What do you have to do to WIN?

  • One of the workout vids, of course…
  • Instagram it, tagging @moveyourframe and using #imovemyframebecause
  • Caption it with what inspired you to move your frame
  • Bonus points and preferential treatment for the most people you wrangle into the challenge…

We’ll announce the winner Friday 6th January – go, go, go!

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