Cardio Barre

Frame Barre with extra energy! The addition of full body movements using Gliders will amp up the work-out and increase the sweat factor, whilst keeping low impact. The exercises will increase your strength & flexibility, creating long, lean muscles.


1. Toning

Who doesn’t want the body of a ballerina? Isometric moves target smaller supporting muscles which act like a corset, trimming, lifting and sculpting in all of the right places.

2. Full Body Workout

The class will include moves to work your large and small muscle groups meaning no body-part will be left untouched. Glider sections will ramp up your heart rate and test your core strength.

3. Strength & Flexibility

By working each muscle to fatigue before lengthening stretches, Cardio Barre will give you the strong, lean limbs of a dancer.

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Queens Park
Kings Cross

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