Group PT: Strength

STRENGTH sessions are run by our top class PT team. With a maximum of 6 people in the group you will be given the individual attention you need to improve technique and to push you beyond your comfort zone, resulting in improvements to both strength and endurance. This circuit-style class uses the equipment in our PT studio and is suitable for both newcomers to strength training and those looking for motivation and support to take them to the next level.



This class is all about getting seriously strong and seeing results. The small group means there’s nowhere to hide from our world class PT’s who will be constantly adjusting your technique to make sure you’re nailing it. Due to the small group format, the session will be tailored to the individual’s needs and give you opportunity to work towards a goal, like nailing a pull up!


This pure strength class is all about technique, using a 6 station circuit to work your entire body. You will use compound moves and PT equipment such as the barbell, heavy dumbbells and slam balls. Every session will finish with a finisher challenge to push you right to the last minute. Expect to experience some DOMS after this class!


Although there’s no cardio involved, this endurance challenging workout will leave feeling beasted but pumped full of endorphins and high on life after smashing last weeks PB.

Group PT is included in the Gold Membership, regular pricing for those not on the Gold Membership, price is £25 per session

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