Heavy Fitness with Robb Birchley

Black Sabbath meets Burpees as Heavy Fitness Comes to London. A 60 minute fitness class combining strength and cardio to sweat out those cals the Heavy way.

In collaboration with our friends at MASSIVE MUSIC, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Heavy Fitness, an innovative new concept that marries two seemingly unlikely passions; heavy metal with a healthy lifestyle.

Heavy Fitness incorporates moves from Frames legendary fitness classes such as Kettlebells and Cardio Circuits, especially curated to heavy metal music to create the ultimate hardcore fitness experience. Debuting on January Friday 13th 2017 (its creators couldn’t have wished for a more ‘metal’ date) we hope to make this a regular feature on the Frame timetable.

Make your New Year’s resolution a ‘rep-solution’ and head down to FRAME Shoreditch to crunch away some of those Christmas calories to a soundtrack of Slayer, Metallica, Iron Reagan and Lamb of God, and give your ears and your post-holiday body a good thrashing.