We believe in concentrating on what you CAN do when pregnant, not what you can’t. This class has been created in line with our Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines to give you a full body workout, with a focus on exercises that help to prevent common pregnancy aches and pains, or to prepare you for birth and life as a new mum. All exercises are low impact but you should expect to feel the burn - especially in those glutes and arms!



Conditioning exercises not only help to help you look (and feel) great, but also keep you strong enough to carry about your little one, before and after the birth! The class combines the best of Pilates, Yoga and Fitness for a well-rounded workout.


Modified exercises to work your whole body but in a safe and effective way. There’s no reason why those arms shouldn’t be getting a good workout, and don’t be fooled by the butt section on the floor – it’s a killer!


If you’re used to working out this class will still give you that release and time to yourself that you’ll be craving. A great playlist and a workout that will push you to just the right level to make sure you continue to feel like you.

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