MumHood Pre-Natal Reformer Pilates

A controlled class taking place on the pilates reformer designed to help you maintain stability in your joints and lengthen and elongate muscles in the legs and arms



Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that now is time to let everything go to mush. Pilates in a controlled environment is fantastic to keep your muscle tone and to strengthen the legs, glutes shoulders and back to limit aches and pains through pregnancy.


The control of Pilates and need to concentrate purely on breathing and technique is a great way to take some much needed time-out when pregnant. Pop your weekly class in your diary and prioritise this – you will reap the benefits!


Pilates exercises aim to lengthen and tone your muscles, keeping your posture in check as your body starts to change with your pregnancy.

Please note that before attending a class you have to have been certified as fit to exercise by your doctor following your six-week check. You can download our top tips for getting back to exercise post-birth here.

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Queens Park
Kings Cross

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