Check into rehab and hug it out with yourself in this hour-long class designed to leave you totally relaxed. This calm and measured class is completely horizontal, so if you prefer to get your sweat on then stay away.



Restorative Yoga as you would expect from the name is the sweet, calm, restoring side of the practice of Yoga. You can expect a slower-paced, calming class guaranteed to leave you feeling totally relaxed.


Restorative poses are soothing and well supported (blocks, cushions, belts etc) poses. We’ll take time to settle into the poses in maximum comfort to allow our selves time to savour the simple sweetness of life. As we allow the body to release into these restful, sometimes deeply opening poses we release muscular, physical and emotional tension and aim to move towards a state of deep contentment, so as we still our fidgety bodies we can calm our busy minds and allow our selves just to rest in the present moment.


Maybe throw an extra layer in your bag or a pair of warm socks to keep you cosy as you enjoy opening and resting in the poses. Come along and feel brand new when you’re done.

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