Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop

In this 2 hr workshop you will learn how to use mindfulness and meditation as tools to free yourself from stress, negative thinking and self criticism. We will cover the science behind meditation, take-home tips and finish up with a deep healing meditation

Saturday 24th March, 2.30-4.30pm in Fitzrovia
Saturday 14th April, 2.45-4.45pm in Shoreditch
With Holiday Phillips

We’ll look at the 2 biggest causes of stress, and how meditation can both prevent stress and manage it in the moment. We’ll cover the science behind mindfulness – so you’ll come away with a detailed understanding of how this practise can actually change the make-up of your brain – and so change the way you think and feel forever. You’ll understand why you haven’t been able to stick with meditation until now and the secret of how to change that in 2018.

Finally, you’ll be guided through a deep healing meditation to release stress that has got stuck in your body, leaving you feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of 2018! .

Holiday is a fresh new voice in the meditation world – intent on bringing meditation to a the next generation meditators. After years of training with some of the best meditation teachers in the world, she founded Breathe & Stop – modern meditation training rooted in science and free from fluff. When not on the meditation mat, you’ll find Holiday DJing around London, swatting up on the newest research on meditation and the brain or cutting shapes on a dancefloor somewhere.

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