Aisha Ibrahim

I first came across yoga as a child and it has been my constant companion since. After burning out as a pastry chef, I needed a way to move that allowed me to wear my cast, this turned out to be Restorative yoga.

As I continued to heal from my injuries, I decided to train as a yoga teacher. It was eye opening, people from everywhere, different accents, creeds and religions all learning about this philosophy, about Yoga. It was more than just physical, it was a way of life, these 8 limbs and sutra (rules) written centuries ago, a way to be.

Since then I have trained in further yoga styles, meditation, pranayama and self care techniques. My aim is to encourage you to feel, to be curious and reconnect with yourself, by providing you with the space you require to come home in your body.

If I wasn’t a yoga teacher… I’d be a pastry chef
My training style is… curious and playful
My favourite place in London for a stiff drink… is Ain’t nothing but the blues
My ideal breakfast is… buttermilk pancakes from IHOP
The song that’s in heavy rotation on my workout playlist… is Highway to Hell

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