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Andrew Clarke Instructor

What makes my class so f'cking awesome?

The energy from the members, the music and the attention to detail so whether the class is busy or not everyone feels like they are getting the one to one attention so we all improve what ever your fitness level is

What was your journey to becoming an instructor? How the hell did you get here?

Andrew been teaching fitness classes from early 2000s staring out his work life in a mental health clinic whilst he did his PT diploma at the same time while working at the clinic I started to run classes for the in house patients the Dr where blown away by how much benefit it had on the patients once I started working in full time fitness in my early years I also worked in schools and youth clubs with kids and people of all ages and then started working part time in a rehabilitation hospital for serious injuries and conditions

Who’s your fitness hero? Why?

I loved watching Arnold and Stallone as a kid and they still keep up a high level of training and they are both over 60 and Nelson Mandela and Ali the best personality’s and spoke from the heart

What is your signature move / style?

A mixture of high impact cardio and strength so I make sure I cover all aspects in Heath and fitness I must say any type of boxing class gets me going working with a no pain no gain attitude I keep everyone moving.

What makes you, you?

Experience and patience and keeping a positive attitude so no one feels left out, also encouragement I give to people makes me me