Charlie Steatham


What makes your class so f’cking awesome?
My classes focus on finding inner connection and outer strength inspiring everyone to unlock their own potential. I encourage my students to find the practice that works for their body without comparing themselves to others. I am passionate about inclusivity and finding a balance in life. I have an open and lucid style and aim for my students to leave feeling stretched, calm and smiling.

What was your journey to becoming an instructor? How the hell did you get here?
My yoga journey began over 10 years ago when I was training to be an actor. Having always had a tendency to overthink everything, I loved how yoga grounded my focus and concentration and brought my attention back into my body.
In 2015, after a fairly tumultuous performance career, I moved to an office job in order to regain some security and constancy, it was then I really deepened my commitment to my yoga practice. Throughout the next two years, I came to realise that it was, in fact, yoga, and not my office job, that was giving me steadiness and grounding. I finally came to my senses and packed up and flew to India, the home of yoga, and completed my training with The Yoga People. Here I truly realised my purpose – to help others come back to their bodies and find their haven in, what can be, a very anxious world.

What’s your favourite way to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind?
Finding a balance. I try not to put pressure on myself and don’t focus on things such as weight or aesthetics. Instead I choose the things that make me feel good, whether that is Nutella on toast, a meditation session, heading to a strength class or watching my favourite show on Netflix!

How does your choice of exercise fit/help your day to day life?
As a yoga teacher, I think it is really important to find a mix of exercise styles. Yoga is wonderful and so beneficial, but I also need strength training to help my joints. I find that reformer pilates is also a great complementary class to yoga and so I do that when I can too. Like with everything else, finding a balance in my activity helps me to find balance in my mind.

What is your signature move?
I don’t have a signature move but in my yoga classes, the position that we come back to the most is downward dog. People see bendy yogis in Instagram photos and think that their knees need to be completely straight and make this perfect pyramid shape. However, downward dog is much more about spine length! If your spine is rounding with your knees straight then bend your knees and lift your tailbone more!

What people think I don’t see when my back is turned…
Ego. Yoga is about leaving your ego at the door. It saddens me when people don’t listen to what I say and just choose to do what they think is right/ what they always do – this often happens with people who are naturally really bendy or who have done a lot of dance. Yoga is not about having the highest leg, the widest splits or the most kick-ass handstand. It’s about always listening, always learning and always being a student of your own body. It’s hard – believe me – I used to be one of those people too!

What does your downtime look like?
Some days it will be not leaving the sofa for several hours and binge-watching Netflix. Some days it will be cooking a new dish from scratch and experimenting with flavours. Most days I will be singing at the top of my voice around my flat.

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