David Kam

Enthusiastic asana lover

David Kam first stepped onto the yoga mat alongside his mum, as quality time he cherished dearly. By the time his mum achieved her first headstand, he has completed his Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket teacher training with It’s Yoga International under Jamie Blowers. The cheerful Malaysian takes upon his architectural and dance training to craft a unique teaching style, designing creative yoga flow which is liberating to the body, picturesque in the mind and light on the heart. David is currently a 300-hour certified yoga teacher and recently specialised in Dance-Specific Yoga.

Within David’s classes, he empowers students to take ownership of their physical, mental and spiritual journey, developing a playful practice to constantly test their limits and explore new perspectives. Whilst practice remains individual and independent, David’s classes are seen as social opportunities for yogis to forge camaraderie within a collective experience, connecting with others through mutual support under his guidance, whether by partner-work or simply by breath.

FIND HIM: @davidkamkw on Twitter and Instagram.

If I wasn’t a dance artist and yoga teacher, I’d be…
Santa, and shower people with love!

My training style is…
Panoramic in the body and mind.

You wouldn’t know that…
I can’t cycle. Come teach me after class?