Diana Van Heerden

Duracell Bunny who Never Runs Low

Diana was into everything as a child – kayaking, kick boxing, tennis, gymnastics, ballet and hip-hop – and as an adult, nothing has changed; she is now a Level 3 advanced instructor and personal trainer, as well as pilates, spinning, insanity and body pump, aerial and group exercise instructor. She started teaching fitness classes whilst studying at university and her love for it led her to ditch economics and pursue a full-time career in fitness. Diana specialises in endurance and high energy. Her motto: No pain, no gain. And her philosophy: make training an addiction and the rest will follow. Watch out, Framers!

My favourite place in London for a stiff drink is…

Cinnamon Bar

If I were a colour..
I’d be rainbow colour – always changing

My biggest release is…
Jump and Pump class at Frame

TWITTER @diavanheerden