Ellisif Bendiksen

Dancing fitness fairy

“ I don’t believe in impossible things before breakfast, because once you start believing, it’s not impossible anymore.”

Ellisif is all about approaching life as a never ending playground, because in her opinion it really is. “You go to the gym to find freedom through movement, so you can run out the door, take backflips over cars, climb trees whenever you want and be a total show off on the dance floor (And look good whilst doing so).” Work hard, but have fun­ a tiny secret for ‘A­’ types, if you enjoy what you do, you work 10times harder without even thinking about it.

If I wasn’t a weird dancing creature…​I’d be a business woman dressed in pink and glitter, or maybe an environmentalist, or a writer.. Or maybe a comedian (I’m just not very funny that’s all).

My favourite on the go snack…​Pulsin protein bars and Cliff bars

My biggest vice…Give me a vegan vanilla/strawberry milkshake and I’m sold!

INSTAGRAM @ellisifkatrine