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What makes your class so f’cking awesome?

Sequenced to beats that make you feel, move and breathe. Physical practice that allows you to explore yourself inside and out.

What was your journey to becoming an instructor? How the hell did you get here?

As a womenswear designer for ten years I was moved by yoga as an escape from materialism and a fast-paced career. This later led me to complete my YTT with the yoga people in India without the desire initially to teach full time. Now I can wholeheartedly say that I eat, sleep, breathe and teach as my full-time job and way of life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

What’s your favourite way to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind?

To be realistic about what healthy is to you. Stay present and take each moment for what it is in whatever you’re doing. A healthy body is a happy body. It doesn’t look like anything but feels like home.

How does your choice of exercise fit/help your day to day life?

I place my exercise or yoga practice around my day so that it weaves in seamlessly. That way it feels effortless. Simplicity and efficiency gives me more time to be present and sociable with friends and family.

What is your signature move?

My signature move is a fallen star or wild thing. Flowing through a fluid sequence. The most common mistake is people scrunch up the face. Invite softness and the practice lightens instantaneously.

Guilty pleasure?

Immediately putting on tracksuit bottoms when I’m home.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

To be yourself no matter what.

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