Frankie Taylor

Bringing Back the 80s

Frankie’s mother didn’t realise what she was getting into when she took Frankie to a jazz dance class at Pineapple Studios, aged seven. Frankie was hooked and immediately signed up to mutiple classes. She also stole her mother’s Jane Fonda workout video and became obsessed with the dance and aerobics of the 80s. This has been her main influence as she has developed as a dancer, instructor and performer. She has obtained a CYQ Exercise to Music Level 2 qualification as an instructor and is bent on bringing back the energy and vibrance of her favourite decade… which she does so in an array of colourful leotards. Her classes are upbeat and energetic. She loves to make people feel confident and have a giggle while they exercise. As well as Jane Fonda, Frankie’s also a great fan of Michael and Janet Jackson.

My training style is…

Fun / retro / 80’s / 90’s / loud and energetic

The song that’s in heavy rotation on my workout playlist is…

Eddie Murphy “Party All The Time”

My favourite time of day is..

Night time = sleepy time

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