Gabby Allen

Gabrielle is professionally trained in musical theatre, completing her studies at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Alongside working as a freelance performer throughout London, she found her passion for teaching. With a passion for travel, most recently she taught performing arts at a University in Malaysia.
Gabrielle is delighted to be part of the frame team! She is all about having fun and making the most of what you have, determination and strength! She will encourage you to be the best version of yourself!

If I wasn’t an instructor I’d… love to be a food taster/critique!
My training style is… “go hard or go home!” Do everything you at your fullest with a smile on your face!
My favourite place for a stiff drink is… the box!
My ideal breakfast is… anything with avacado. I love the stuff.
My favourite time of day is… an orange summer sunset
If I were a colour I’d be… yellow! (not mustard though )
My favourite on the go snack is… yoghurt coated raspberries! Yum!
My biggest release is… sitting on a beach with a cocktail, a book and some house music
You wouldn’t know that I... had major spinal surgery when I was a teenager meaning I had to learn how to sit up, stand & walk again!
My biggest vice is… ice cream. I would marry Ben AND Jerry.