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What makes your class so f’cking awesome?

With a focus on technique and form, this class will make you feel great. You will feel stretched and lengthened whilst also feeling stronger and more body aware. My aim is to empower everyone in the room to do their best whilst teaching you in a relaxed, supportive, positive manner. You may just learn something new AND you may hear one of your fav songs because my playlist is eclectic!

What was your journey to becoming an instructor? How the hell did you get here?

Before joining Frame I was a Musical Theatre performer. I then joined Frame initially as FOH team member before progressing to Management. I loved going to Reformer Pilates so much that I decided to teach it instead.

What’s your favourite way to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind?

My friends and family keep my mind healthy. Frame keeps my body healthy.

How does your choice of exercise fit/help your day to day life?

Reformer pilates could not be better for everyday life. It gives me the time to focus on ME for one hour whilst also focus on keeping my body strong. I’m not getting any younger.

What is your signature move?

Hip rolls (or bridges). It’s amazing for the lower back! Tip – closing the space in your lower back by tilting the pelvis under before lifting the bum off the mat. This will help activate the glutes so you can lengthen out the lower back and work the glutes. Common mistake- popping the ribs at the top.

What’s your favourite way to feel good fitness-wise and life wise?

I really like all types of fitness and for different reasons. I love Pilates and Yoga if I need to stretch and strengthen but love kettlebells and the Train room if I need more strength and cardio.