Jack Bardsley-Boyes


What makes your class so f’cking awesome?
Come to my classes if you’re after a super-challenging workout guaranteed to leave you high on endorphins. With good vibes, plenty of motivation, and some excellent tunes (think pop remixes, R&B, and a few throwbacks for good measure), it might be tough, but you’ll leave feeling strong and invigorated.

What’s your favourite way to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind?
My absolute favourite way to keep a healthy body and mind is recognising that balance is key, and treating myself to super long lie-ins and lazy mornings on my days off.

How does your choice of exercise fit/help your day to day life?
I try to keep my own exercise routine balanced (plenty of cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility). I always think this helps me day-to-day to stay grounded and well balanced, rather than becoming obsessive.

Who’s your fitness hero? Why?
Anyone who can get out of bed and smash a 6am class, you absolute superheroes!

What’s your favourite way to feel good fitness-wise and life wise?
Not punishing myself for an off day. I think once you accept that no one is perfect every day, whether that’s on fitness, diet or anything else, it’s surprisingly liberating. You can make the most of those off days and then just feel ready to again the next day.

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