Joan Murphy

The BEST at the Dance-Off Burpee

Joan is a hardcore super Kiwi, with more energy than the Duracell Bunny. Her classes are hard, you’ll leave exhausted but ALWAYS in a FANTASTIC mood. She borders on the ridiculous, so look out for sequins and animal print and flouro… and remember, that the countdown always gets you through, no matter how much pain you may think you’re in! Joan has previously represented New Zealand in a number of random sports, from Pole Vault to Track Cycling… and if it’s good enough for NZ, it’s got to be good enough for us…

What’s your biggest release?
Exercise to loud music or mediation. I’m a total Yin/Yang

What’s your favourite place in London for a stiff drink?
Satans Whiskers

Favourite snack?
Anything to do with peanut or almond butter (not to be confused with ‘any’ nut butter, cashew butter is a no-go!)

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