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What makes your class so f’cking awesome?

I like to teach an uplifiting, feel good flow focusing on the breath and personal mantras to guide you through. Set to an upbeat playlist, I like to have fun, play, and make everyone feel welcome leaving with a smile on their face!

What was your journey to becoming an instructor? How the hell did you get here?

After reading the book ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ By Susan Jeffers I quit my full time job as an Art Director to start teaching Modern Calligraphy and jet off to India to train to be a yoga teacher. And here I am now writing my yoga teacher bio with a big smile on my face, grateful for the journey, the support, belief and all the love. It feels good to make your dreams a reality!

Who’s your fitness hero? Why?

Joe Wicks the body coach…I admire his dedication, his enthusiasm and passion to help others. His energy is infectious and i’m hugly inspired by him.

What is your signature move / style?

I am a big fan of a headstand, mostly because it took me so long to master! It’s a tricky pose to get, be kind to yourself and take it slow. I encourage my students not to rush into tricky poses, just take it step by step and trust the process. Practice and all is coming as they say.

What makes you, you?

I am also a Modern Calligrapher and run my own business called Ink and Flow. I teach both yoga and calligraphy separately and also together in a workshop format. Come find your flow with me!

What does your downtime look like?

A candlelit bath with my book and a mug of herbal tea. Delicious!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Vulnerability is the highest measure of courage so go be brave and own your story!

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