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What makes your class so f'cking awesome?

My classes are fluid and strong, fun and relaxing and always delivered with a smile. My classes are entwined with world music tunes allowing us to flow easy.

What was your journey to becoming an instructor? How the hell did you get there?

I took my first Yoga class on the beach in Thailand while I was travelling to Asia in 2010. I was living in Paris at the time, so when I got back home, I started to explore a little bit more and tried a lot of different styles of yoga. At my very first class I fell in love with the challenging and powerful Astanga Yoga system and became committed to a Mysore-style practice in the tradition of Sri K Patthabi Jois. I moved then to London, kept practicing, I loved it so much and it made me feel so good ( Yoga really changed me) that I wanted to share that with people and enrolled for a 200hours teacher training and never looked back! I keep learning and trained in Mandala, Yin, Rocket, Pre and Post Natal.

What makes you, you?

Probably my French accent!

What does your downtime look likes?

Things have changed since I gave birth 19months ago! Motherhood is full on and I don’t have as much time I used to so I make sure I have a nap daily otherwise I can’t function properly! And I move my body to feel good, it can be dancing at home, practice Yoga or go for a walk :)

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

You are unique so be yourself.

If you weren’t an Instructor, what would you be?

A Holistic coach, I'm actually training atm at the Academy of Healing Nutrition or a singer, having fun being on stage!