Marcus Veda

DJ Ninja Yogi

Marcus’ road to yoga was not a conventional one. He spent his 20s touring the world as an international DJ, wholeheartedly committed to the hedonistic life and loving every banging minute of it. It wasn’t until a breakdancing glitch that he landed on the mat. Trying every style could access, he settled on dynamic vinyasa and rocket yoga, which satisfied his undying urge to fly. He went on to complete his first 200hrs teacher training in Goa and further training in advanced progressive ashtanga and yin yoga deepened his appreciation of the practice. He says, “It’s about moving your body to still your mind. Where you go on the mat is where you go off the mat.” Marcus’ black belt in the ancient Japanese martial art of ninjutsu complements his practice and – with a nod to his DJ career – specially mixed playlists drive the tempo and energy of every class.

My biggest release is…
Sitting in a yin frog with Beethoven on till my hips, or I, surrender

You wouldn’t know that I…
Played live to 20,000 ppl at Glastonbury 2004

My biggest vice is…
My addiction to matcha

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