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What makes your class so f’cking awesome?

I call my Yoga style Power Yin: A fiery flow to get you going combining elements of strength and mobility, and a soothing Yin finish to put you in the perfect mood for your day. Expect housey tunes and sweaty vibes.

What was your journey to becoming an instructor? How the hell did you get here?

I’ve been practising yoga and doing fitness for over 12 years, thanks to my lovely yoga teacher and fitness guru sister. When I moved to London I started teaching a boot camp class to gay men (Lunges in Leggings!) as a side hobby, and that eventually morphed into enrolling in my yoga teacher training at Stretch. After completing my training my friends and peers said that my style and flair embodied Frame and I should audition. It was a perfect fit and I’ve loved teaching here from the moment I entered Frame’s doors.

What is your signature move?

My signature move is Skandasana or cossack squat known in the fitness world. The biggest mistake that people make with it is that they force the position (and often the knee) when the range isn’t there. There are a wide variety of options and variations for this pose, or shape, that will “help” with the stretch and strengthening of this exercise, such as lifting the heel of the foot, pointing the opposite leg toward the ceiling, balancing your hands on the floor or a block, or simply allowing some movement without having to hold an uncomfortable position.

What’s your favourite way to feel good fitness-wise and life wise?

Disco and handstands!

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